Sistema PA audio portátil 10" con efectos Peavey ESCORDT 5000

Prix Welkit $18,305.00
Disponibilidad: Disponible
Marca: Peavey

El sistema PA audio portátil ESCORT 5000 es la integración perfecta de audio, fácil de usar y transportar, gran calidad de sonido, es ideal para escuelas, iglesias, DJ´s y grupos versatiles.



Width Packed: 17.716"(44.99864 cm)
Height Packed: 39.764"(101.00056 cm)
Depth Packed: 16.929"(42.99966 cm)

500 Watts (250 x2)
Two-way speaker system with 10" woofer
8 channels
Custom rubberized knobs
7 combination XLR 1/4" inputs
RCA/3.5 TRS media inputs
USB MP3 plackback
Patented FLS® (Feedback locating system)
Digital multi-effects
LCD screen for ease of file playback and effect selection
Seven-band graphic equalizer
Monitor send
Subwoofer output

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